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A personal development podcast with 3 main aims: 1- to share stories of people who have lived experience of mental health. 2- to share tips and tecnhniques to help with mindset and mental health improvement. 3- to highlight amazing people doind fantastic work in the field of mental health or personal development.

October 7, 2018

Bonus Episode - Stop Dieting Start Living

I was recently invited by Daniel Wheeler to speak at his event "Stop Dieting Start Living".

I got to share the stage with some awesome coaches, Ben Coomber, Arron Pritchard, Juggy Sidhu and of course Dan himself.

The day was all about the 3 principles of Dan's 80/20 Lifestyle: movement, nutrition and mindset.

I was kindly asked to take care of the mindset side of things although I would say that all the speakers brought some fantastic mindset content as part of their talks too, particularly Juggy.

In this talk I relate my slingshots and boomerangs method to emotional eating and eating disorders.

I hope you enjoy!

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