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June 4, 2018

Bonus Episode - Wealth and Fitness

Here is a poem I wrote last night called "Wealth and Fitness"

I published the written version this morning but I wanted to do a video as well so you can hear how I inteded it to sound.

Wealth and Fitness
It’s come to the point where I’m compelled to speak,
Of internet trends that grow worse week by week.
Something for me that has been difficult to witness,
The decline of the industry once called health and fitness.
Of people putting on shows that don’t stand up to the critics,
Just to see those numbers flow on Facebook analytics.
Of selling untrue plans that “got me this shape”,
While our confusion just grows as our bank balance is raped.
Of selling products marketed on a series of lies,
They say forget the science, because you buy with your eyes.
Of pushing the propaganda that lean equals health,
And while you diet to oblivion just stacking their wealth.
Of prioritising what is popular, not what is true,
They only care about your likes, they don’t care about you.
Of saying “act now or get left behind”,
Of destroying your health in both body and mind.
They keep you confused so they can keep you sold,
But most the best practices are free and are old;
See the secret to health doesn’t cost pound or pence,
And more often than not it comes down to common sense.
Of moving each muscle a little harder each day,
Of taking on practices that push stress far away.
Of drinking enough water, getting enough sleep,
Of practicing gratitude for the memories you keep.
Of training your body as well as your mind,
And of living each day with the aim to be kind.
Of paying it forward not just taking it back,
And at the end of the day cutting yourself some slack.
So be choosy with your attention, it’s a valuable tool,
Spend it on what develops you, not just what is cool.
This world of social media can make you feel rough,
But please always remember that you are enough!

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