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A personal development podcast with 3 main aims: 1- to share stories of people who have lived experience of mental health. 2- to share tips and tecnhniques to help with mindset and mental health improvement. 3- to highlight amazing people doind fantastic work in the field of mental health or personal development.

February 12, 2020

Ep 113 - The Platinum Award of Behaviour Change

When it comes to behaviour change we often think a person has achieved the best result when they no longer do the behaviour they want to change.

This is fantastic when it comes to something like drug use, alcohol or even something as innocuous as biting your nails, but what if it's with something we want to learn to moderate rather than be all or nothing with?

I introduced the concept of the platinum award to my clients who struggled with binging. It is all about praising a behaviour that you "cut off mid flow" which essentially means once you realise you are doing it and it has a little momentum over you that you stop. Having a little food without it becoming a true binge. Or maybe a smoker who once they've lit up a cigarette instead of letting that lead the inevitable way they put it out instead.

This is harder in many ways than not doing the behaviour in the first place and leads ultimately to the ability to moderate.


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