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A personal development podcast with 3 main aims: 1- to share stories of people who have lived experience of mental health. 2- to share tips and tecnhniques to help with mindset and mental health improvement. 3- to highlight amazing people doind fantastic work in the field of mental health or personal development.

April 24, 2018

Ep 34 - James Buck talks recovering like an athlete

The same man, but a very different outlook.
When I last interviewed James Buck he was all about training at every opportunity he got. Entering challenging race after challenging race and still managing to cram in his bodybuilding style training, working a full time job, coaching Buck's Army on the side AND being a dad.
In short, it looked like he never took a moment to rest! So when we sat down for this interview I was firmly expecting more tales of gruelling events, especially as he had completed Red Bull's extreme swim event The Neptune Steps only a few weeks previous.
But what I got was a more reserved James, a man who had learned the importance of not just training like an athlete, but recovering like one.
We talk stepping back, being objective about your goals and strategies and meditation.
(Then a week later he signed up for an Ironman...)
James to me is one of the truest embodiments of hard work and the thing I find most infectious about it is that he always does it with a smile on his face!

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