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Mental Health

We share stories and techniques about all things to do with the mind. Mental health, mindset, overcoming adversity and personal development.

August 10, 2022

From Anorexia to Ambassador - Christina Taylor Discuses Eating Disorders

Christina Taylor grew up with atypical anorexia. After losing her grandmother and not having any guideance on how to navigate grief, Christina turned - as many of us do - to finding her own coping mechanism. This started with food - or rather with controlling food - but later developed into a side by side use of alcohol to help escape the feelings she was trying to run from.

This interview is Christina's story from anorexia, to recovery, to advocacy.

This interview was taken from Dave's enormous Mental Health Event - The Mental Health ULTRAMarathon. Where he interviewed 36 guests back to back over a 36 hour live stream. Each one discussing a different aspect of mental health.

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