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Mental Health

We share stories and techniques about all things to do with the mind. Mental health, mindset, overcoming adversity and personal development.

August 7, 2022

Realigning Your Goals

Today is all about goal setting. Something i need regularly reminding of the power of, because the actually setting part is only such a small part of the goal itself that it's easy to glance right past how important it is.

Personally I have recently gone through a period where my goals were NOT defined. They needed an update since 2020 and all the changes that came with that; and instead of making new ones I just sidelined my existing ones and went into a very reactive mode. Repsonding only to what was happening, and losing sight of where I wanted things to go.

This is something I have no got back under control and I wanted to share that personal story with you along with hopefully encouraging you to look at your goals too. See how well defined they are and maybe make a few tweaks to better impact your direction!

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