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A personal development podcast with 3 main aims: 1- to share stories of people who have lived experience of mental health. 2- to share tips and tecnhniques to help with mindset and mental health improvement. 3- to highlight amazing people doind fantastic work in the field of mental health or personal development.

April 26, 2020

Ep 130 - The Mental Health Marathon

What on earth is a Mental Health Marathon?

Well I got stuck with a thought a little while ago as to why when we do charity events are most of the go-to things centered around PHYSICAL health, PHYSICAL ability, PHYSICAL endurance?

Marathons, triathlons, climbing mountains, circuit training events, dance-athons, 24 hour calorie challenges and so on!

And I decided that I wanted to host an endurance event with a difference. When we are raising money for mental health, why not use a feat of MENTAL endurance?

From this idea the Mental Health Marathon was born! Using the famous 26.2 as a starting point I will be hosting a 26.2 hour mental health conversation, in 2021 on 26/2!

So why am I telling you about this so early? Well to put it simply because this is going to take a LOT of plaaning, a whole host of assistance and frankly because I wanted it out there in the universe so I now have no choice but to do it. (Oh and because the release date of this episode is the day the London Marathon was supposed to be!)

If you think this sounds like a great idea and you would like to be involved in any way then drop me a line through any of my socials. @mindsetbydave everywhere.

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