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April 14, 2021

Ep 182 - Racism and Mental Health With Rek It Raven

RekItRaven is the guest on this episode and she delivers an interview that is both powerful and in places heartbreaking. Raven's life is a story of a woman who has faced death and now is no longer afraid to tackle the important issues head on. In this awesome interview she talks us through her experiences of mental health and racism and how the two have impacted each other.

Our life experiences have an impact on our mental health, this is something most of us agree on, so it seemed very obvious to me that people who have lived with racism would be feeling this impact on their mental health too. But apparently that isn't obvious to a lot of people.

When someone opens up about a trauma around abuse we sympathise, but when a person of colour opens up about trauma related to racial abuse they are routinely told to "shrug it off", "let it go" or "be a bigger person".

We get into all this and more so get comfy as we maybe make you a little uncomfrtable as Raven shares her hard hitting truth. Be sure to go give Raven some love over on twitch as well as twitch.tv/rekitraven

This interview was recorded live over at my channel twitch.tv/mindsetbydave where we have 1-2 guests everyweek on Tuesday daytime and Saturday evening UK time.

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