Mental Health

A personal development podcast with 3 main aims:
1- to share stories of people who have lived experience of mental health.
2- to share tips and tecnhniques to help with mindset and mental health improvement.
3- to highlight amazing people doind fantastic work in the field of mental health or personal development.

May 19, 2019

Ep 71 - Paul McGregor opens up about his Dad’s suicide and his passions for educating around mental health.

Paul McGregor is one of the most genuine blokes I have ever met. So prepared to be vulnerable which in turn is his super power.

In this interview we talk about his Dad's suicide and how that lead to all the unhealthy ways of processing (or not processing grief) before it lead to his healthy crusade now as a public speaker and educator on mental health.

We talk about suicide, depression, self help, reaching out and what it means to be a man in 2019. Among many other things.

There definitely needs to be a part 2 of this as I feel like I could have talked to Paul for hours!

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